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From 1984, as a tribute to my LJ and DW names, I present the official movie vid for Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" theme. Check out the famous people (famous in 1984, some still today*) who show up to sing/yell "GHOSTBUSTERS!" randomly during the vid. One of those guys is currently the senator from Minnesota**! Another is on "Community" and has an American Express commercial.

See the underwear the vid-girl is running around in? That style of camisole with matching boxers-like panties was peculiar to the mid-80s. I owned, like, six sets of them in various colors that I purchased in a sample sale because the fashion company that created and popularized them was located in the same building as the office I worked in... which was on 42nd Street in Manhattan, directly across the avenue from the library-with-the-lions that the opening scenes were filmed in. I watched the Ghostbusters running down the front library stairs in a panic as it was filmed! Also, our building's front lobby doors were used as the bank where Ray mortgaged his house to start the business, the production assistants just slapped some letters on the building and then they shot the scene on the fly, very quickly.

*Chevy Chase, Irene Cara, John Candy, Melissa Gilbert, Nickolas Ashford, Jeffrey Tambor, George Wendt, Al Franken, Danny DeVito, Carly Simon, Peter Falk, Teri Garr, and Casey Kasem.
**Your senator is way cooler than my senators, if you're from Minnesota.
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Last night, I caught the fully restored Metropolis (1927) on Turner Movie Classics. It was the most recent and updated version, almost completed to its uncut original glory using some 30 minutes of footage recently found in Argentina and New Zealand film vaults. It's an excellent film, and a fascinating study in the way Some Things Never Change.

* * *

Metropolis is a vast futuristic city founded by plutocrat Joh Fredersen. The city is run as an oligarchy by the elite few, who live a luxurious life in the penthouses of skyscrapers. A vast, down-trodden army of workers support it all by living and toiling underground, in the worst conditions imaginable. So, yeah; timely!

Wikipedia was a huge help writing this synopsis.... )So, that's my (long but extremely truncated, believe me) synopsis of Metropolis. One thing I found interesting about Metropolis was that pop culture's idea of "What Is Sexy" has been refined over many generations of visual entertainment. While on paper "half-dressed young woman dancing seductively" still works, what that means in the flesh has changed. Check out New Maria's sexy-dancing in this Metropolis trailer:

It's kind of hilarious how men who are supposed to be jaded, degenerate playboys suddenly act like repressed virgins with a wad of cash and the Pope's blessing let loose in a whore house when New Maria starts flopping around.

Here's Fox's preview of Glee's "Britney/Brittany" episode shown earlier this year:

I think Brittany in the green top dancing with the snake pretty much approximates what Lang was going for, bless his heart. She looks awesomely sexy, and I'm sure men would snap to attention if they saw her dancing at Yoshiwara (or anywhere else), but doubt that anybody would kill anybody else over her. One of the side-benefits of internet Pr0n available to all is that nobody faints over the sight of a bare ankle anymore, let alone tries to kill anyone over it.

Bonus vid:

Queen! Radio Ga Ga!
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So, I'm watching "Weird Science" (dir. John Hughes, 1985) and it suddenly occurred to me as I watched the house tidy itself up that this movie is a kind of a dirty, slutty version of "Mary Poppins." o.O

Oh, the Eighties! It was a shameless time!

Teen-aged bad guy Robert Downey Jr. looks pretty much like today's all-growed-up Robert Downey Jr., but I find it hard to believe Anthony Michael Hall grew up out of that skinny, geeky kid.

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