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I opened Firefox this morning, got a message that an add-on had been added (unasked for), went to look to see if Microsoft had been sneaking in anything as annoying as the time they forced a MS Framework add-on on Firefox w/o asking... but found nothing. No new add-ons or extensions or toolbars or nothin'--so WTF was that about, I wondered.

Then I noticed that the 45+ tabs I'd had opened had been wiped out and I was left with just one tab open, the Mass Unemployment site. That's on my toolbar so I didn't really need that tab saved. It's certainly NOT the last thing I opened a tab for, so I'm not sure what made that one so memorable. So WFT, Firefox? WTF???!! Also, the backup/restore PROFILES folder I created a few weeks ago did not work to bring back the tabs I had back then. V. fishy. Has this happened to anyone else? And why did the PROFILES backup not work??!

Also, this is a Firefox-related request for info, so I might as well post it here:

As Leelu says in The Fifth Element, PLEEEASE HEALP!

A year or so ago, someone on my flist posted a link to a site that had buttons you could grab or create and stick on your toolbar. I think they were flash or javascript or something like that--they were like the "My Style" button that you can create to change the look of other people's LJs to your own (I use it all the time as there are way too many vampire-lovin' people who think tiny red type on a black bg is cool.) But these buttons were for things like, if you went to any site with white font on a black background, clicking the button on your toolbar would INSTANTANEOUSLY render the background white and the font black. Or there was another button that would quell a website with annoying flashing on it; you pushed the button on your toolbar and the flashing would stop. I pulled in four buttons for my toolbar, but mostly just used the one that made a website boring but readable. I've even forgotten what the other two buttons were for--something about picture-suppression or whatever.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I could have sworn that I posted about this after using it, but none of my "software" or "internet links" or "website" tags seem to have that entry in them. I've googled like crazy and found a script you can use so that you can change the look of someone else's website on your own computer, add words and such, but that's not what I'm looking for.

To forestall any requests for "Hey, how do I make that "My Style" button you mentioned?"

MY STYLE INFO (from LJ's zoniduck):

1. In Firefox, select Bookmarks/Bookmark This Page (doesn't matter which page, because you're going to change the code anyway), change the name field to My LJ Style, and save it to your Bookmarks Toolbar. You'll want it to be visible so you can access it easily. I made mine the first one on the left.

2. Copy the the following text (exclude the quotation marks) " javascript:if(location.hostname.indexOf('livejournal.com')%20>=%200){location.search+=(location.search?'&':'?')+'style=mine';} "

3. Right-click on the My LJ Style bookmark you created, select Properties, then replace whatever is in the Location box with the text you just copied, then click OK.

Sadly, it only works for LJ and not for Dreamwidth.

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