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I know this is going to seem like a stupid question to some (most?) of you, but I've tried to find this info in the FAQ, but it's not there. At least, I could not find it. Halp?

When I click on "Insert Image" when posting an entry in Dreamwidth, a box pops up that says "Image from URL:" with a box for the URL. The example given is for an image located at an http: address. That's the only thing in the box, except for the Insert button.

When I hit "Insert Image" when posting an entry in Live Journal, I get a box that says "Image from URL:" with a box for the URL, but it also says "Image from File" and there's a browse button. It makes it super-easy to upload an image from my "My Pictures" file as located in My Documents on my harddrive. (There's also a choice to upload from a Scrapbook Gallery, but I've never used that.)

Is there a reason why there's no easy way to upload a picture from my "My Pictures" file when posting an entry in DW? Or is there some clever way everyone else is doing it that I'm missing? At one point early on, I'd upload the picture into my "Post an Entry" in LJ and just drop the code that appeared in the entry into my DW "Post an Entry", and I swear that worked! I remember patting myself on the back for it: but that eventually stopped working, and I was made quite sad.

So, my stupid questions are:

1) Is there any reason why the insert-an-image function isn't the same in DW as LJ, and not just the same, but apparently more limited in DW than in LJ as DW lacks a lovely "browse" button? Just curious! It's just that I'm used to DW being better, and in this it is not! ;) Okay, that's more impertinent than stupid.

2) So, how does one insert images sitting in one's "My Pictures" file (or indeed in any file in the poster's computer) into a Dreamwidth entry? I know I've managed to do it a time or two in the past, but I seem to have lost the knack. Seriously, all the little tricks I used before, like trying to do it in Rich Text or whatever, do not seem to work all for some reason.

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