Nov. 12th, 2010 10:01 am
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I was sneezing a bit yesterday, and I thought, "I'm getting an allergy shot tomorrow, that'll clear that right up!" But I woke up this morning with a teeny-tiny sore throat and stuffiness and PND so I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I should call and get that shot switched to another day. But no, I decided to take a shower first, before I made the decision!* Usually when I wake up feeling a little off, once I take a hot shower, I feel better... but after my shower, I felt worse. So no allergy shot, no shopping trip in Boston, no sack of awesomely inexpensive Haymarket strawberries, no walking around in the sunshine for me.

It's such a gorgeous day and I'm going to miss it! I switched the shot to Tuesday, and I bet it's cold and rainy that day. I'm just glad I didn't also schedule a Red Cross blood donation, too!

I'm going to slither off and have a nice hot cup of tea now.

Speaking of "sick like a dog", did you guys see Jon Stewart's one-hour interview on Rachel Maddow last night? Go watch it online if you missed it. He had The Buboes (I believe he called it) and dragged himself in to chat with her even though he was sick, in addition to doing the Daily Show last night. I wondered if he wasn't a little feverish every now and again during the interview.

*That was my usual dodge back when I had a job --"Maybe I'll feel better after a hot shower!" I used to drag my sorry butt into work no matter how craptastic I felt. Stupid work ethic! It's not like it got me anywhere--nobody ever said, "She's so loyal to the company that she comes in no matter what!" In addition, I probably spread a lot of head colds to my fellow wage slaves back in the day. So take a lesson: stay home and take care of yourself if you're sick! NOBODY GIVES "ATTENDANCE" BROWNIE POINTS TO ZOMBIES WITH DRIPPY RED NOSES.
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I kinda loved his speech... he never broke character. Scummy Michigan Rep. John Conyers apparently tried to throw him out, saying, "I'm not asking you not to talk, I'm asking you to leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead," but Colbert stood his ground and refused to go unless California Rep Zoe Lofgren, the one who invited him, asked him to leave.

I haven't seen a way to embed his speech, but here's the link:


If that doesn't work for you, do a google search for "Stephen Colbert congress NECN" and it should pop up.

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