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I watched Supernatural tonight because I heard they were having a Cheeseboard* episode (I love it when a show does meta or self-parody) and was immediately reminded as to why I stopped watching this show early-on in first season... DUDE, LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE GOT OFFED IN GRUESOME AND HORRIFIC WAYS IN THE "PREVIOUSLY-ON-SUPERNATURAL" OPENER! One guy got his throat cut and, in a truly insult-to-injury moment, someone stuck a chalice under the gusher. So wrong.

Fortunately, the episode itself was mostly adorable and adorkable and did not disappoint or make me want to run out of the room. True, there was a good bit of violence once Virgil started his work, but his spree had a more cartoon-violence feel than the level of nastiness the show usually offers, in keeping with the light-hearted feel of this episode.

I know enough from my flist to have caught some of the in-jokes--Misha Collins and his Twitter addiction, everybody! ROTFLMAO!--and some things are universal, like making fun of actors, but I bet you Supernatural fans really laughed through this one. I didn't know that Sebastian Roché, who played my favorite character on Odyssey 5, had found a home on Supernatural; glad to see he's still working and still awesome. And HELLO there, Brian Doyle-Murray, nice to see you're still doing wonderfully wry character-actor work. "Okay! This is GOOD! We've all had our psychotic breaks, right?" No truer words were spoken.

Then, THEY KILLED MISHA BARTON! YOU BASTARDS! But hey, front page of Variety. You can't buy that kind of PR. (But what is it with this show and viciously cutting people's throats, eh?)

Anyone want to let me in on why the episode was called "The French Mistake"?

When I set the Tivo, I saw that Smallville was on before "The French Mistake" and the brief description of "Fortune" was interesting, so I tivo'd that one, too. The episode was cute and also did not make me want to run out of the room (for difference reasons; SV was often incredibly annoying and occasionally cringe-worthy, and so I stopped watching it some time in season 3.) They're not at the point where Clark is Superman yet, but *yay!*, he's engaged to Lois! It was all very different from the DC comic book timeline. I enjoyed the episode despite not knowing who half the characters were--HI THERE, Gaeta from BSG! You were quite amusing with your physics and philosophy jokes! Unexpectedly good comedic delivery! Of course, having Lois & Oliver "imprisoned" in a room where one wall was a curtain, *yes*, a curtain on the stage in front of a good-sized audience was rather stupid, but not as stupid as having them both dress up as showgirls in elaborate costumes and makeup to escape. I'm thinking that taking off their own clothing and putting on those get-ups would have taken a lot longer than a few seconds, easily long enough for the idiots banging on the locked door to figure out that all they had to do was walk quickly around to the front of the house and hop up on the stage to get in.

Chloe, my second-fav character after Lex, was awesome; what a treat to see her beat the crap out of a thug who tried to choke her out, and then pat Clark on the head and go out into the world to go be awesome with that millionaire with the toys she once met, and that wondrous woman who was going to surprise Clark one day, and of course, Oliver. Thank you for not offing Chloe, usually-idiotic SV PTB!

::Sigh:: ...if they can write this version of the DCU as *that* different from the usual DCU, why couldn't they have had Clark really save Lex and NOT have the character grow up to be a super-villain? He could have been a gray character, my favorite kind of character, always arguing with Clark about how to go about Doing The Right Thing, but basically on the same page, or his cover could have been "evil genius billionaire" so as to infiltrate the underworld... hmmm, pretty sure I've read that fanfic somewhere. ;) I confess, I was glad Lex wasn't in this episode, the actor having left the show years ago after having had his fill of *very* close shaves; seeing what they've made of him would have probably made me very sad.

*See The Totally Imaginary Cheeseboard, though I do believe there was a Star Trek version that pre-dated the Blake's 7 one.**

**Edited to add HA! Visit to a Weird Planet is the Trek version. From Fanlore.org: Visit to a Weird Planet is a Star Trek: TOS story by Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt. It was originally in Spockanalia #3 and reprinted in Computer Playback #5.

***Edited to add DOUBLE HA! The embedding function is turned off, but go here to see The French Mistake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMK6lzmSk2o
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