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Another little holiday gift for my flist!

I already adored Jonathan Coulton's "Shop Vac", but this video takes the song to a whole new level. This is why we're all so happy Mr. Coulton releases his work on a Creative Commons license, so that other creative types can use it to do stuff like this:

The word "clever" doesn't begin to describe it. That's 500 to 1,000 hours of work, and it looks effortless.
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So much love for Wil Wheaton, who is so very One of Us:

Someday, we shall give a convention and he shall invited as our Most Honored Guest, and we shall call him "Squishy" and he will be our Squishy.

Also, the cast of Dr. Who sings (for various values of "singing") "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", and the ghost of Judy Garland claps a hand over her eyes:

Through the years, they all will be together, YA GET IT?
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The guy who licensed the rights to the "A Christmas Story" naughty-leg-lamp sold so many that he was able to use the profits to purchase the house the movie was filmed in and renovate it, and he also had the foresight to purchase the house across the street to turn it into a museum (and gift shop, the profits from which help maintain the house and museum)!


Now I want to visit Cleveland, OH! There's an online gift shop: I particularly like the Lady Leg Lamp cookie-cutter. That is *so* in the holiday spirit! The bunny suit kind of frightens me.
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Yes, it's my b-day. No biggie. We celebrated it on Monday, I had leftover chocolate cake for breakfast yesterday and today! Don't judge, it had eggs and flour and milk in it, they're good for you!*

Thank you, [personal profile] lavvyan for the healthy and delicious fruit plate on my user profile page -- that was so nice of you! I'm so amused LJ offers fruit plates for gift-giving! It really is perfect for me, with my healthfood-loving ways.

We took Giaus to the vet for the first time yesterday -- first time for us, he'd been to a vet in New Jersey in November 2009, just before he was gifted to us for Christmas 2009. Our vet declared him a "good kitty" and gave him an envelope of catnip for being such a well-mannered patient. ComicbookMan and I were pretty sure Giaus was going to be insane at the vet -- he hates being picked up and fights it tooth and nail, giving us the idea that he would react badly to being held down on a table. Fortunately, he was the opposite of insane, he was perfect. He even let the vet clean his teeth a bit.

Speaking of the giving of kitties as gifts, I give you "How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas."

If only it were that easy.

*Thank you, Bill Cosby, for the "Dad is great, give us the choklit cake!" skit.

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