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I've been neglecting my flist of late, partly because I can't seem to sit through five minutes of H50 and you guys are all in the first blush of sweet, sweet fannish lurve with it, bless your hearts, but mainly because of what's going on with regard to Wikileaks. I've been reading all things Wikileaks and I cannot stop. It's too complicated for me to cover what's going on if you haven't been keeping up via the internet*, because so damned much is happening all over the planet, but this latest turn of events is so fucking chilling, I just feel like more people desperately need to know about it. I've cribbed info from articles I've found all over the net (with URLs!), and I'll try to keep this simple, but yeah, good luck with that:

In 2010, Wikileaks announced it was going to post major shit about "a corrupt U.S. bank", unnamed, some time in 2011. Bank of America immediately assumed that bank was itself, because even they have to admit the BofA makes Luthorcorp look like a charitable organization run by nuns. BofA immediately went into KILL KILL KILL DIE DIE DIE mode.

Excerpted from Thinkprogress:

According to e-mails obtained by ThinkProgress, the (US Chamber of Commerce) hired the lobbying firm Hunton and Williams. Hunton And Williams’ attorney Richard Wyatt was hired by the Chamber in October of last year. To assist the Chamber, Wyatt and his associates solicited a set of private security firms — HBGary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies (collectively called Team Themis**) — to develop tactics for damaging progressive groups and labor unions, in particular ThinkProgress, the labor coalition called Change to Win, the SEIU, US Chamber Watch, and StopTheChamber.com.

Basically these powerful minions of the major corporations as represented by the US Chamber of Commerce were conspiring to start a surreptitious sabotage campaign against anyone who might try to take power from Big Business and give it back to the people. And how did we, the people, find out about it? This is where it gets good:

From here: Poking a bear with a sharp stick is smarter than this!>

Aaron Barr, the head of the security services firm mentioned above, HBGary Federal, bragged in an interview with The Financial Times that, via Facebook and other online sources, he had identified key members of Anonymous in the U.S., Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Australia.

If you know who Anonymous is, you know that Barr might as well have tattooed "Kick Me" on his own ass. They're the hacktivists who went after Scientology a few years ago and more recently did an internet slow down of service for Amazon, Paypal, and several credit card companies to protest when those companies refusing to service Wikileaks. (Please note that you can donate cash to the KKK via any and all of those financial service companies, just not Wikileaks.)

In less than 24 hours, Anonymous mocked Barr in a deadpan post sarcastically entitled "Anonymous admits defeat", then they hacked HBGary's emails and Barr's own private emails and posted them (50,000 emails!) on the internet. Anonymous also posted a slide presentation they'd found, the point of which was a plot detailing how to destroy Wikileaks that included threatening specific liberal-leaning journalists by name (there are actual pictures of the journalists to be attacked right there on the slides!) The emails indicated the presentation was part of a proposal to be submitted to Bank of America. That was Sunday, Feb. 5.

See also: More Fallout from Anonymous

Bank of America is doing their best Sgt. Schultz imitation -- they know "NOTHING! NOTHING!" about this dastardly and somewhat illegal plot to sow dissent, threaten journalists, and plant false documents to discredit Wikileaks. Palantir and Berico Technologies immediately distanced themselves from HBGary, and personally apologized to Glenn Greenwald, one of the journalists mentioned by name and face on the slide deck. A respected journalist, Greenwald has been writing about and supporting Wikileaks and whistle-blowers in general since the beginning at Salon.com. At first he shrugged off HBGary's intent as laughable, but as the reality of the situation set in, he got angry.

An excerpt from Greenwald's article:

But the real issue highlighted by this episode is just how lawless and unrestrained is the unified axis of government and corporate power. I've written many times about this issue -- the full-scale merger between public and private spheres -- because it's easily one of the most critical yet under-discussed political topics. Especially (though by no means only) in the worlds of the Surveillance and National Security State, the powers of the state have become largely privatized. There is very little separation between government power and corporate power. Those who wield the latter intrinsically wield the former. The revolving door between the highest levels of government and corporate offices rotates so fast and continuously that it has basically flown off its track and no longer provides even the minimal barrier it once did. It's not merely that corporate power is unrestrained; it's worse than that: corporations actively exploit the power of the state to further entrench and enhance their power.

A comment by Salon's Editor in Chief: read it here!

Aaron Barr is having a bad day... but not as bad as America is having. Actually, we've been having a few bad decades. I wonder if America will one day go the way of Egypt and Tunisia, with rioting in the streets to protest corruption. I do not think the Tea Party is up to this task, as they are, themselves, a puppet organization funded by the Koch brothers of Koch Industries, Inc.

See also my main reading site: Greg Mitchell's blog called The WIKILEAKS NEWS & VIEWS BLOG. Every day he posts links to commentary and articles about what's being leaked and what the response is in the general public. It's fascinating to refresh the page and have more links and snark pop up! Go to http://www.thenation.com/ and click on their link to their blogs, you'll find a link to his blog there.

*And you would have to be reading about this on the internet because hardly anybody on TV or cable news is bothering to cover this due the overwhelming importance of reporting what Lindsey Lohan was wearing to her court date instead.

**Themis means "divine law" rather than human ordinance, literally "that which is put in place by the gods" -- which sounds pretty fucking arrogant to me.
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The guy who licensed the rights to the "A Christmas Story" naughty-leg-lamp sold so many that he was able to use the profits to purchase the house the movie was filmed in and renovate it, and he also had the foresight to purchase the house across the street to turn it into a museum (and gift shop, the profits from which help maintain the house and museum)!


Now I want to visit Cleveland, OH! There's an online gift shop: I particularly like the Lady Leg Lamp cookie-cutter. That is *so* in the holiday spirit! The bunny suit kind of frightens me.
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From [personal profile] sheafrotherdon:

This is possibly the cutest thing ever: the Oxford English Dictionary is trying to get people to adopt one of the many words that's falling out of use in the English language, and promise to use it as often as possible to get it back in the cultural lexicon. I love it!


I love it too! "PICK ME, PICK ME! YES, YES, ME!" is love!

The first word it gave me was "ten-cent store", which is a problem as the reason it's fallen into disuse is that we all say "dollar store" now. So, IMO, the phrase has not so much fallen into disuse -- it has merely inflated. Perhaps as wages fall, we'll all start using "ten-cent store" again spontaneously? A depressing thought! Also, to be honest, I've only ever used the phrase "five-and-ten-cent store" or, more colloquially, "five-and-dime". There used to be a five-and-dime in every neighborhood in Brooklyn when I was a kid, and I could easily spend an afternoon shifting through the dusty bins and checking out the shelves. I used to find the most awesome crap there, thus inexpensively sating my shopping jones despite having only a pittance of an allowance. (Little did I know I was just waiting around for eBay to spontaneously come into being.) I must have missed the decade when the "five-and" prefix was dropped.

I requested another random word and got "occulcation"; much better! The site's definitions are very saucy: occulcation, the act of treading on or stomping. Use: He explained to his wife that the masseur was simply occulcating his back when she slipped and fell on top of him.

Well, forgive me, Oxford English Dictionary, I thought "she" would be a "masseuse", not a "masseur"! I do believe I have caught you out!

Here is an online dictionary's definition: occulcation, n, 1656 -1656. act of treading on or trampling. Use: Repeated occulcations of this field by soldiers have left it useless for agriculture.

If there are any tea-baggers reading this, I would like to see you walking around with a sign that says, "DON'T OCCULCATE ON ME!" at the next town meeting. It'll make you look less stupid and you're sure to get on Fox News.
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I opened Firefox this morning, got a message that an add-on had been added (unasked for), went to look to see if Microsoft had been sneaking in anything as annoying as the time they forced a MS Framework add-on on Firefox w/o asking... but found nothing. No new add-ons or extensions or toolbars or nothin'--so WTF was that about, I wondered.

Then I noticed that the 45+ tabs I'd had opened had been wiped out and I was left with just one tab open, the Mass Unemployment site. That's on my toolbar so I didn't really need that tab saved. It's certainly NOT the last thing I opened a tab for, so I'm not sure what made that one so memorable. So WFT, Firefox? WTF???!! Also, the backup/restore PROFILES folder I created a few weeks ago did not work to bring back the tabs I had back then. V. fishy. Has this happened to anyone else? And why did the PROFILES backup not work??!

Also, this is a Firefox-related request for info, so I might as well post it here:

As Leelu says in The Fifth Element, PLEEEASE HEALP!

A year or so ago, someone on my flist posted a link to a site that had buttons you could grab or create and stick on your toolbar. I think they were flash or javascript or something like that--they were like the "My Style" button that you can create to change the look of other people's LJs to your own (I use it all the time as there are way too many vampire-lovin' people who think tiny red type on a black bg is cool.) But these buttons were for things like, if you went to any site with white font on a black background, clicking the button on your toolbar would INSTANTANEOUSLY render the background white and the font black. Or there was another button that would quell a website with annoying flashing on it; you pushed the button on your toolbar and the flashing would stop. I pulled in four buttons for my toolbar, but mostly just used the one that made a website boring but readable. I've even forgotten what the other two buttons were for--something about picture-suppression or whatever.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I could have sworn that I posted about this after using it, but none of my "software" or "internet links" or "website" tags seem to have that entry in them. I've googled like crazy and found a script you can use so that you can change the look of someone else's website on your own computer, add words and such, but that's not what I'm looking for.

To forestall any requests for "Hey, how do I make that "My Style" button you mentioned?"

MY STYLE INFO (from LJ's zoniduck):

1. In Firefox, select Bookmarks/Bookmark This Page (doesn't matter which page, because you're going to change the code anyway), change the name field to My LJ Style, and save it to your Bookmarks Toolbar. You'll want it to be visible so you can access it easily. I made mine the first one on the left.

2. Copy the the following text (exclude the quotation marks) " javascript:if(location.hostname.indexOf('livejournal.com')%20>=%200){location.search+=(location.search?'&':'?')+'style=mine';} "

3. Right-click on the My LJ Style bookmark you created, select Properties, then replace whatever is in the Location box with the text you just copied, then click OK.

Sadly, it only works for LJ and not for Dreamwidth.

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