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I have Syfy's Ferocious Planet, starring JFlan, on Tivo. I watched two minutes of it, then realized that when ComicbookMan gets home, I'll be forced to watch the movie all over again, so I stopped. I suspect a nice glass of wine & someone to snark it with should make it quite an enjoyable viewing experience.


When I watch the rest of the movie, I'll do a real review.
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I put my second Stargate story up on AOOO...


...soon to be joined by a third set of Tiny Tales, for a total of 31 ficlets in all. Sooo clooose to finishing! But I have to come up with two more tales! I want to write a ficlet about Daniel Jackson's parents and grandfather and how their being idiots who shouldn't have been trusted with raising a child helped form his character (oh, come on! this is not a reach! Daniel is totally screwed up in delightful ways!), but it's not coming.

Ooh, while I was typing that, I suddenly had an idea to write it from Vala's perspective. She's a fresh viewpoint, with luck, that should yield results.

Not to change the subject, but I used to think the funniest thing that could come out of the Stargate program going public would be John Sheppard giving an interview to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but no longer! Much funnier would be John Sheppard being interviewed by Craig Ferguson. I could see poor John being a bit flummoxed about Goeff, the robotic foul-mouthed skeleton who acts as Craig's Ed McMahon. I can see John sort of waving his hand over his head, trying to find the words to ask Dude, I get the suit and the glowing eyes, but what's with the metal mohawk?, prompting Craig into doing five minutes on John's cowlicks. Thanks to Tivo, I've gotten addicted to The Late, Late Show since watching the Matt Smith episode. The show is just so freakishly odd. I've never seen a talk show quite like it, not even on the outer-reaches of cable, and it's on CBS.
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The evil bastards known as propworx2 on eBay are at it again, selling off our hopes and dreams, aka "Stargate crap". Wouldn't have found out about this latest sell-off except that David Hewlett bitched about them auctioning off his chair back on Twitter, as he'd wanted to take the chair with him when he left the show. AND THEY WOULD NOT LET HIM. ::shakes head sadly::

So here is the thing, they're auctioning off a simple, blocky silver cross on a silver chain that is supposedly Vegas-AU-John's necklace. I can't seem to find any pix with the character wearing this necklace and the DVDs are in storage, so I can't pull those out to check the episode! Soes anybody remember this necklace? It's already going for over $200.00:


If the link doesn't take you there, try doing a search for Stargate Atlantis Sheppard Hero Vegas Necklace on eBay, but be warned, it'll be gone if you look for it four days from now!

In retrospect, I'm surprised all John got was a "Kirk" accusation or two from Rodney. I would have expected a few "Buffy"s as well, considering his propensity for offing space-vampires. And wearing silver crosses around his neck, at least in the AU. Woulda been cool if one of the biologists had discovered that Wraith could be poisoned by garlic. All they'd have had to do was open a few pizza parlors around Pegasus, and everyone would have been saved!
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I have achieved my first work on Archive of Our Own, Ten Tiny Tales (SGA):


It wasn't at all hard to post there, but I did have to make liberal use of the preview button to tweak it over & over. As soon as I'm allowed to by the rules of [community profile] sga_flashfic, Ten Tiny Tales Redux will follow. I'm also working on the next and last in my trilogy of SGA character-study ficlets, Ten Tiny Tales the Third (must figure out a better title.)

I hope to eventually get all of my B7 stuff on there, first time on the internet for those! I've decided to re-edit them into modern-day readability before posting rather than honoring the tropes of yesteryear. No more "the Delta thief", "the curly-haired pilot", "the blonde pilot", or "the curly-haired rebel", over and over. HEY, I know it sounds awful but I swear, it was very common and completely accepted to use fannishly-set descriptive epithets like that for characters back then!

*Surely I cannot be the only fan who always thinks of a wolf howling when I see AOOO? A very small, cartoon wolf!
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I wrote a follow up to Ten Tiny Tales called Ten Tiny Tales Redux and posted it to the SGA_flashfic community! \BWEE!/

One more fic to go and I'll have my own little trilogy of weird SGA fic.
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In the past few days, I've doubled the size of an SGA story I've been working on since forever, filling in with actual prose all the bits that were once mere outline! I'm up to page 20! I have so much work to do, but I can't seem to tear myself away from the computer for more than eating and sleeping.

This is very unexpected. Ill-timed, too, but I don't care. I'm glad I'm writing.

Verb tenses are making me crazy, though. I need to stop fussing over them and changing them back & forth and just write, and tidy up later. I have to go to Connecticut tomorrow, I wish I had a laptop so I could continue writing in the car.


Dec. 1st, 2010 10:19 am
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Dammit, if I'd known there was going to be an Amnesty 2010 Challenge on the [community profile] sga_flashfic community, I'd have posted Ten Tiny Tales there, first! I'd have amused myself by going through the tags and picking a different challenge that applied to each Tale. Well, I guess I can still do that part:

1: challenge: animal vegetable or mineral
2: challenge: gods and monsters
3: challenge: skeevy ancients or challenge: ancient history
4: challenge: not happening
5: challenge: must be dreaming
6: challenge: animal vegetable or mineral
7: challenge: continuing education or challenge: secret superpower
8: challenge: secret superpower
9: challenge: folklore
10: challenge: culture clash or challenge: family or challenge: backstory
Bonus: challenge: crossing or challenge: villains

Okay, that wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be!
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Edited to correct a few mistakes that were driving me crazy.

Hello, all; I hope you had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving Day (assuming you are in the USA; if you are not, I still hope you had a great day.)

The other day, [personal profile] runpunkrun posted a wonderful crossover snippet (Sherlock/SGA) on her LJ, in which Sherlock is frustrated by Sheppard's secret. In it, she has Sherlock observing, "Hates being in a position of authority. Hates not being in a position of authority." And I thought to myself, Ooh, I've heard that somewhere before, I have.

So I opened up a Word document that held a little over two pages of snippets and quotes and plot bunnies and observations and ideas for SGA stories that I've been adding to (but not writing, never writing) for some six or seven years, since SGA's pilot, and I saw that I had once made a vaguely similar observation comparing Sheppard and O'Neill.

For some reason this cheered me up considerably (great minds think alike!) and I sat down, and for the past couple of days I’ve been working on molding all the crap on those two-ish pages into a semi-coherent sort-of story. And now I find that for once, I actually like something I have written! So I present to you, the six or eight of you guys left on my flist who still love Stargate, Ten Tiny Tales from my Own Personal Stargate-verse Fanon.

Speshul tip of the hat to [personal profile] runpunkrun, whose wonderful work sparked my interest in writing again. Please keep writing. Also to [personal profile] lavvyan, whose birthday was just the other day. Happy B-day, sorry I missed it! Also to [profile] miss_porcupine, who once wrote in a story, "You join the Marines if you want to fight, you join the Navy to get away, and you join the Army if you want a job – but you join the Air Force if you want to fly." That’s from memory and I can’t find the story it’s from, but I’ll paste a link if somebody else recognizes it.

Ten Tiny Tales )

This whole thing was unbeta’d, so if you catch an error or want to offer any con-crit whatsoever, or even an idea for a better title, it would be much appreciated. I’m particularly concerned about the order of the chapters – if you see how it might flow better, drop me a line, and thanks.
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Joe Mallozzi addresses "Opinion: Atlantis fans need to stop punishing Universe" and its comments on his blog.


Gee, I wish my comment had gotten out of limbo in time for him to read it. If he did, indeed, bother to read the comments, which I have my doubts.

Mostly his blog entry is lots of hand-waving and "it's not our fault"ing. He comes up with a lot of reasons why the show isn't doing well like time-shifted viewing and Tuesday night being a bad move for the show. Certainly at no time does he admit that the writing on SGU is not quite what it should be.

He answers, point by point, the letter of a fan who folded to his usual "tone" argument and very *nicely* explains her (apparently very few and somewhat mild compared to the rest of us) problems with SGU. The closest she gets to an actual criticism: she writes that as a 30 year old woman, she was made to feel unwanted, and he answers, I can’t recall anyone ever dismissing a portion of our audience as unimportant. Then she writes, I want to make it clear my frustration here is based more around feeling ostracized from the Stargate brand at large, and NOT specific criticism towards the existence of SGU. That's when she lost me, because my criticism is all about SGU. I have absolutely no problem with the brand at large. Give me my Atlantis movie and I'll be a happy fan. Give me another SG-1 movie, I'll be almost as happy. I'll pre-buy them on Amazon so quick, Mallozzi's head will spin.

Eh, go read it. It reminded me of those phony town halls President Bush used to call, with it's carefully hand-picked ordinary citizens. It's a lot of passive-aggressive tap-dancing and I can't focus on it properly.
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Well, my post to a site everybody on my flist has linked to, "Opinion: Atlantis fans need to stop punishing Universe", is *still* awaiting moderation. No idea why -- yeah, it's long, but there are longer comments posted, and I don't use any profanity, or even near-profanity. Believe me, there are *much* harsher comments than mine posted! Maybe they hold comments from anyone who's never posted there before? Because a lot of the fans who commented on the essay have also noted their comments have been held in limbo.


Teenygozer said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This is ridiculous. It's true that when SGA was canceled, I was very unhappy. I loved SGA and SG-1 and all those great characters! We never missed SGA, or SG-1 when it was on, and we still watch the reruns to this day. I was even more unhappy when I read interviews with the Stargate creators that said they thought fans of SGA were old and boring, that their new show would be much more awesome than previous Stargates, and that they were looking forward to attracting a more youthful and therefore desirable demographic. Yet I wasn't so insulted that I decided to boycott SGU — I figured it was the kind of thing TPTB had to say in interviews -- it was a marketing thing, and not meant personally. After all, Stargate's PTB and I are the same age! Surely they weren't saying that they, themselves, were old!

Problem is, these guys are good at writing "penny dreadfuls" — silly, fun, crazy scripts (with a million holes in them) that don't aspire to great art, that are acted out by amusing, heroic characters. SGA won the People's Choice award, so they must have been doing something right. Unfortunately, their aspirations have risen, and they crave the critical adulation shows like BSG and Firefly have garnered — not in and of itself a bad thing, but the problem is, their talent has not risen with their aspirations. They've stripped all the joy, silliness, and wonder from their usual brand of show and substituted irritating characters, dark sets, shaky-cam, and tiresome, plodding plots, as if that's what made shows like BSG and Firefly great, not superlative writing. They haven't a clue. And they don't take constructive criticism at all well, preferring to insult in the vilest terms anyone who points out the very real problems with SGU. The quotes in this article are an example of that — still unwilling to take the blame for their well-deserved low ratings, they blame the mean ol' fans who are purposely getting in the way of their success!

My husband and I watched every single episode of SGU's first season, or we tried to. He kept falling asleep and my attention wandered. Sometimes things didn't make sense, so we'd back it up to try to figure out if we missed something, but half the time it still didn't make sense. I don't expect something I'm watching for fun to be torture to get through. BSG and Firefly were never torture to get through, so I'm not sure why these guys think that, in order to be high art, a show has to be such a joyless, monochrome drag.

The show is NOT GOOD. In fact, it is often ACTIVELY BAD. People don't like watching shows that are NOT GOOD or ACTIVELY BAD. So, dearest Brad, whose work I’ve enjoyed in the past, if you want eyes on your show, you have to make it GOOD, or at least BETTER. You do that and we'll watch it. Suggestion: hire really good script writers, and make sure some of them are women, because your female characters are truly embarrassingly, cringingly awful. But stop blaming the mean, ol' fans for your lack of success.
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HEE! DoubleTreble1518 has some wonderful Stargate vids and associated fun stuff on his or her youtube page. Here's my fav:

(Credit where it's due, I found this vid via [personal profile] astridv's post of a link to DoubleTreble1518's awesome Stargate/Inception trailer, which you should go look at now.)
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I apologize to the person who recced this story on my flist or rpage, I have lost the rec. I do this thing where I open a story in a new tab and get around to reading it eventually, so I forget the pedigree in the interim. It was written in 2007 and posted to Wraitbait, so the odds that I'd ever have found it myself without the rec is nil. So, THANK YOU for reccing this, whoever did that.

It's a McShep SGA fusion with Avatar: the Last Airbender, but you don't need much in the way of knowledge of A:tLA to enjoy the story. It is a fact of SGA fandom that we love plunking our boys down in AUs and letting them go be themselves, no matter what the situation. Because the ending is just *OH OF COURSE*. I'm going to re-read this one about a hundred times.


Cycle and Circuit by Alloy [PG-13]

Summary: Fire to Air, Air to Water, with the broad Earth beneath linking them both. A fusion between SGA and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Character Study, Drama, Friendship, Pre-slash, Romance
Updated: 08 Mar 2007; Published: 08 Mar 2007
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[personal profile] chkc drew this adorable chibi for my drabbles! See her other Team War drabble-illos here!

My drabbles grew out of this Foster's Bakery drabble by [personal profile] almostnever here! Which you sort of need to read first.

Drabble #1:

Rodney's not taking John's oh-so-arbitrary ruling lying down. "How can sugar be too coarse?! Sugar goes melty!"

John turns his back on Rodney, partly to attend to his racks but mostly to hide his rolling eyes, but Jeannie sees. "If you weren’t sleeping with John, he’d agree with me!"

"I didn't say they had to be good! Just that you could make them!"

Jeannie makes a sound like a whoopee cushion.


John turns with fresh (vegan) brownies in his hands. Maybe stuffing their faces with chocolately goodness will shut them up.

Drabble #2

John can't believe he's been coerced into making facial scrub sugar cookies but, once united in purpose, the McKay siblings are irresistible. He’d scaled back the recipe as Jeannie declared it unfair to mask the mixture in legitimate baking ingredients. Adding flour, baking powder, and a tablespoon of egg had resulted in a gritty ball of grayish dough, which yielded four unappetizing cookies.

"Yum!" Rodney smacked his lips at Jeannie, who narrowed her eyes, then pointed at the cookies cooling in the rack.

On John’s dubious look, Rodney took a cookie and bit into it gingerly. "Not terrible!" he declared.
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Good heavens! I appear to be competing in the [community profile] mcshep_match Second Warm-up Drabble Tree! It was completely accidental, I assure you:

Lookit me! I'm writin' Foster's Bakery!

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