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From 1984, as a tribute to my LJ and DW names, I present the official movie vid for Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" theme. Check out the famous people (famous in 1984, some still today*) who show up to sing/yell "GHOSTBUSTERS!" randomly during the vid. One of those guys is currently the senator from Minnesota**! Another is on "Community" and has an American Express commercial.

See the underwear the vid-girl is running around in? That style of camisole with matching boxers-like panties was peculiar to the mid-80s. I owned, like, six sets of them in various colors that I purchased in a sample sale because the fashion company that created and popularized them was located in the same building as the office I worked in... which was on 42nd Street in Manhattan, directly across the avenue from the library-with-the-lions that the opening scenes were filmed in. I watched the Ghostbusters running down the front library stairs in a panic as it was filmed! Also, our building's front lobby doors were used as the bank where Ray mortgaged his house to start the business, the production assistants just slapped some letters on the building and then they shot the scene on the fly, very quickly.

*Chevy Chase, Irene Cara, John Candy, Melissa Gilbert, Nickolas Ashford, Jeffrey Tambor, George Wendt, Al Franken, Danny DeVito, Carly Simon, Peter Falk, Teri Garr, and Casey Kasem.
**Your senator is way cooler than my senators, if you're from Minnesota.
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I was away for a bit, and when I came back, somewhat less virusy and root-kitted-out than before, I found that [personal profile] beccatoria on LJ had done a wonderful thing. She had taken my suggestion, which was that she edit a Farscape vidlet to Ramona Fall's "Fever", and created not merely a vidlet, but a fully-fledged MUSIC VID OF PURE UNADULTERATED AWESOME. You can see it here (sadly, not embeddable):


In her own words:

I'm bored and out of vid ideas that I can actually work on right now (due to waiting for footage, collaboration or inspiration). Thus I declare NaViMaMo! National (well, you know, for the great state of beccatoria) Vidlet (I'm aiming for about a minute, but it may be half or twice that) Making Month. Below you will find a list of fandoms I can vid. Comment with a song choice. I will make you a vidlet.

She's done 18 since November 5th. Lest you think she's just cranking these things out, I have to tell you that so far, each one has been a jewel of visual joy. She listed the fandoms she'd work in and nobody had picked Farscape yet, so I thought about what songs would really click with the most effed-up crew of space reprobates since the crew of the Liberator and Ramona Falls' much-adored "Fever" popped into my head, specifically as a backdrop for John and Aeryn's strange, rocky, and years-long romance.

Here's the original deeply creepy music vid for the song, which I like to watch at least a couple of times a week:

Now I have a new vid to watch over and over and OVER again! Thanks again, [personal profile] beccatoria!
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Here's a strange little hiccup on the pop culture front: MICHAEL JACKSON'S GHOSTS (1996.) Everyone knows from THRILLER, even dancing convicts in China know THRILLER, but nobody knows this one; I only learned of it through one of Stephen King's column for Entertainment Weekly. Yes, he's the co-writer! If you're interested on how this scaaary mini-musical came to be, read here:


I suspect the video's lack of popularity is due to the fact that it's incredibly self-indulgent, ham-fistedly scripted (I don't blame King), and tedious as hell at 40 minutes long, despite having little gem-like bits of wonder, terror, and dance scattered throughout. The Guinness Book of World Records pegs Michael Jackson's Ghosts as the Longest Music Video in history.

Fortunately, I found an edited-down music vid that manages to cover most of the really imaginative bits and makes its point in just under four minutes:

Hooray, brevity! That's pretty awesome! But if you really feel the need to see the whole thing, do a search on youtube for mjghostmovie1, they have five parts up, linked together. You know how MJ yells, "AAAaaaaauugh!" about halfway through? He does that over and over again for, like, ten minutes in the long version, and it gets old really really quick. So good luck with that. I'd love to see a 20+ minute version of the long film, done by an editor with a machete and an ear for music -- one of our own talented fannish vidders for choice! -- I think that's the optimum length for something like this.

Please note: the ringleader of the crowd of townspeople who have come to evict MJ's character from his castle due to their extreme prejudice against his extreme weirdness, the fellow who looks a bit like Keith Olbermann? He's Michael Jackson under a ton of makeup! Now *that's* a special effect!
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[profile] chelseagirl47 asked a question about The Brothers Quay in my "Sledgehammer" post, which suggested to me that Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" (1994) might be a good vid to share with the class next. Parts are a live-action reenactment of scenes from their infamous short film "Street of Crocodiles."

Despite being one of the most overtly obscene and profane songs ever written, Trent Reznor's Closer (to God) is firmly ensconced in everyday popular culture, with so many covers I wasn't able to find a full list. I imagine it must be quite therapeutic for a singer to be allowed to belt out the words "I want to fuck you like an animal" in front of an appreciative crowd, as well as being a quick way to gain a desirable reputation for edginess--besides, it's an awesome song, deserving of "classic" status. NIN's version has been used on several TV shows, including CSI and Cold Case, though of course highly edited, and in several films like Se7en, The Hitcher, and The Fan. That opening drum sequence is unmistakable. Weird Al Yankevic's comedy version uses wacky Saturday-morning cartoon noises in place of the word "fuck."

In the MTV edit of this vid, there's a skip over the word "fuck" on the soundtrack, as if the film itself had cracked and been repaired with editing tape; also a title card with the words "scene removed" was edited in to replace scenes that upset MTV's censors, thus rendering naturalistic the necessary edits to get the vid on TV. The delightfully aged quality of the look of the vid is due to Reznor having it shot on a can of vintage unexposed film, not from post-shooting manipulation.

This ain't TV, so I'm posting the NSFW, uncut version of the video. But there are some who will find it disturbing, hence the cut-tag. Closer and Street of Crocodiles beneath the cut-tag. )

Maybe I should have waited until Halloween to post these... I shall have to come up with something scarier!


Oct. 27th, 2010 10:56 pm
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In keeping with yesterday's Animation Theme, here's Peter Gabriel, circa 1986, and his highly animated music video for "Sledgehammer."

I was lucky enough to have attended two of Peter Gabriel's stage shows, and the experience was more like watching performance art than your a typical rock concert--he is truly no mere rock star, but an artist. This music vid is definitely a work of art of the most sublime kind. A pre-Wallace-and-Gromit Aardman Animations did the claymation, and the Brothers Quay (Street of Crocodiles) provided the stop motion-animation portions, with Gabriel laid out under a sheet of glass for hours at a time while the video advanced one frame at a time. Nick Park himself (Wallace and Gromit's dad) did the part with the two dancing turkeys, giving them great personality despite a lack of heads or feathers.

We were never quite sure what this song was trying to say, but we suspected it might be fairly dirty.
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Heart is best known for two songs: Barracuda and Magic Man, but in my fannish little heart, this song held supreme. Seriously, I have no idea why nobody's done a music vid of all the various OTPs to this song--Hutch carrying Starsky out of a burning building, old school Spock grinning at Kirk, the Professionals playing with their guns together, Hobbes yanking Fawkes out of traffic, Blake patting Avon on the shoulder while Avon gives him the fish-eye, whatever. I mean, for crap's sake, people; this is the chorus:

With our backs against the wall
I will answer when you call
And take on the odds
For what we believe is true
In a world of too much choice
I only need your voice
To tell me you care
I'll be anywhere for you!

With only slightly over a thousand views, this isn't anybody else's favorite video. This was the best version I could find, and it's a kinda fuzzy, but stick with it to see the final hand porn.

Okay, shut up, THAT USED TO MAKE ME CRY! I can just imagine the casting notes for the guy with the sledgehammer: "We need someone who the audience will know is adorable and trustworthy and is really just the best guy ever the second they get a good look at his open, smiling face. And really built, so his silhouette is scary, if drool-worthy." HE IS SO HAPPY HE FOUND HIS OTP IN ALL THAT SCARY, BOMBED-OUT WRECKAGE, PEOPLE! The fact that they are all about to die of radiation poisoning means nothing, because they found one another and can die in one another's arms. Yeah, that really pushed my buttons back then.

Somebody needs to make me the Ultimate OTP vid to this song. And then they would of course dedicate it to ME, ME, ME because I found the obscure music for them, and I am The Wind Beneath Their Wings! Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now!

::pulls out lighter, waves it in the air slowly::
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A couple of weeks ago on Project Runway, Michael Kors dated himself by snarking that April's outfit made the model look "like a Robert Palmer girl." Robert Palmer girls show up in three music videos in the mid-to-late 80s: Addicted to Love, I Didn't Mean to Turn You On, and Simply Irresistible. Apparently they were meant to mimic or parody the art of Robert Nagel (if you get your nails done by a manicurist here in the US, look around: the nail shop probably has a Nagel poster in the window or on the wall.) One of the models featured in Addicted to Love said that they were all told to "look and act like showroom mannequins." Apparently a musician tried to teach them how to fake some basic chords on their guitars, but gave up after an hour or so and wandered away.

Very sexy, if you like emotionless clone-zombies!

This vid has been spoofed quite a bit over the years, but my favorite was when Gina Davis hosted Saturday Night Live in 1989. They did a Brady Bunch spoof called "The Palmer Bunch", in which Davis played a Robert Palmer girl who began to break out of her Thorazine funk to attain sentience. "Oh, no! Tippy's experiencing emotion!" ::twitch twitch:: "LOOK, her eyebrow is moving! I'm scared!"
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In the past few days, [personal profile] lanning has been posting some Old School music videos on her LJ and DW that meant a lot to her when she was young, and it's been a real blast from the past for me, too. I thought I'd tip my hat to her and post one of my own favorites...

...it's been viewed more than four million times on youtube, so it's a lot of other people's favorite, too!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun zoomed to the top of the charts in 1983, then it dug in and became part of the popular culture zeitgeist as a light-hearted feminist anthem. You've probably heard it on any number of TV shows or movies, though you may not have seen the original award-winning music video. It's been covered by more than thirty singers, but the best cover was done by Cyndi Lauper--yeah, bet you didn't know the song was recorded in 1979 by the author, Robert Hazard; it was originally written from a male point of view. Lauper changed the wording (with Hazard's okay) to reflect a female perspective and the rest was history.

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