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I have it on good authority ([personal profile] lucitania) that today is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day! You're supposed to gaze into your cat's furry face and discern the question therein, and answer it.

Personally, my experience has been that most of them want to know, "WHERE ARE THE CRUNCHIES?", the answer they expect being, "IN YOUR BOWL, SIR OR MA'AM!" Usually my answer is more along the lines of: "Will you for cripe's sake leave me the hell alone? It's almost suppertime and you'll spoil your dinner."

I just gazed into Scully's patient face and heard her asking, "Why are you so silly?" The answer is, "To amuse you, of course." Then I bumped foreheads with her.

What I got from gazing into Gaius' face was, "JEEZ, WTF DID I DO NOW? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?!" A year in, and he's still a little jumpy. The answer is, "Calm down, you didn't do anything wrong. Idiot." I tried to kiss him on the forehead but he shied away.

I had to crawl part-way under a table to stare into Vala's face, and her round-eyed question was, "What the hell are you doing under this table?" The answer is, "I'm very suggestible, apparently."

Wee Zack is left, but he's outside. When he comes in, he's going to be jazzed up and fluffed out from being outside in the cold and the question he'll want answered is the previously-mentioned "Where ma cruncheez at?" question. I shall give him a few tablespoons, and he'll be happy with the answer.
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From [personal profile] such_heights, who did a freakin' awesome cover!

Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

Go to flickr and click on explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Use photoshop or similar to put it all together. Post it with this text in the caption.

Clicky to embiggen:

I had to do it in PowerPoint, translate it to PDF, then translate that to a JPG online. Yeah, I really have to invest in some sort of photo-manipulation software one of these days. But still, fun!
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Hi Flist!

With Veterans Day coming up on Thursday and only a few weeks left until the Senate’s lame-duck session ends, the clock is running out on on repeal of the military's failed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy -- perhaps for years to come.

Now we're asking you to help Rep. Patrick Murphy finish the job. With the lame-duck session starting Monday, we need you to sign the our petition to Senators Reid, Levin, McConnell and McCain immediately.

Rep. Murphy, a former West Point professor and an Iraq war veteran, will deliver your signature -- and nearly 600,000 other signatures collected by Courage in favor of repeal -- once Congress is back in session.

If you are actively in the military, a vet or a member of a military family, please go to this page to show your support:


If not, go to this page to sign in support of our troops:


Thank you so much!
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From [personal profile] sheafrotherdon:

This is possibly the cutest thing ever: the Oxford English Dictionary is trying to get people to adopt one of the many words that's falling out of use in the English language, and promise to use it as often as possible to get it back in the cultural lexicon. I love it!


I love it too! "PICK ME, PICK ME! YES, YES, ME!" is love!

The first word it gave me was "ten-cent store", which is a problem as the reason it's fallen into disuse is that we all say "dollar store" now. So, IMO, the phrase has not so much fallen into disuse -- it has merely inflated. Perhaps as wages fall, we'll all start using "ten-cent store" again spontaneously? A depressing thought! Also, to be honest, I've only ever used the phrase "five-and-ten-cent store" or, more colloquially, "five-and-dime". There used to be a five-and-dime in every neighborhood in Brooklyn when I was a kid, and I could easily spend an afternoon shifting through the dusty bins and checking out the shelves. I used to find the most awesome crap there, thus inexpensively sating my shopping jones despite having only a pittance of an allowance. (Little did I know I was just waiting around for eBay to spontaneously come into being.) I must have missed the decade when the "five-and" prefix was dropped.

I requested another random word and got "occulcation"; much better! The site's definitions are very saucy: occulcation, the act of treading on or stomping. Use: He explained to his wife that the masseur was simply occulcating his back when she slipped and fell on top of him.

Well, forgive me, Oxford English Dictionary, I thought "she" would be a "masseuse", not a "masseur"! I do believe I have caught you out!

Here is an online dictionary's definition: occulcation, n, 1656 -1656. act of treading on or trampling. Use: Repeated occulcations of this field by soldiers have left it useless for agriculture.

If there are any tea-baggers reading this, I would like to see you walking around with a sign that says, "DON'T OCCULCATE ON ME!" at the next town meeting. It'll make you look less stupid and you're sure to get on Fox News.
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- X what you saw
- O what you haven't finished/seen or saw sizable portions
- Bold what you loved
- Italicize what you disliked/hated
- Leave unchanged if neutral

This way to the animation! )

This looks like a good place to mention that if you go to http://www.sitasingstheblues.com/ , you can download a fabulous full-length animated film called "Sita Sings The Blues". The animator couldn't afford to pay for the rights to the many old-tymie, 1920s and 30s-era songs she used, so she put it online with a "pay whatever you want" button.
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I'm removing all the "I write like" links because the people who put up the meme quiz are uber-dodgey creeps.

A (somewhat violent) paragraph from a Eureka/SGA crossover I've been writing:

"I WRITE LIKE Dan Brown"

Please to be shooting me in the head now.

Another excerpt: the opening paragraph from a Due South story I wrote about 10 years ago.

"I WRITE LIKE Chuck Palahniuk"

Say what? WTF is the criteria for this? IT'S A FUCKING WHIMSICAL STORY, PEOPLE!

This is the opening to the SGA story I'm (supposed to be) writing for Lavvyan, as I promised to finish it:

"I WRITE LIKE Douglas Adams"

THIRD TIME LUCKY! That's the guy I want to write like. I really should finish this story. (Actually? Now that I think of it, I've always wanted to write like a cross between James Thurber and Jean Shepherd, which would be humourous but a bit less flip than Adams.)

Another Due South story (The Third Woman, heavily based on the Graham Greene novel, The Third Man) got Stephen King for the first two random paragraphs I plugged in, then Arthur Conan Doyle for the next two, then back to King. I would not have thought King or Doyle had Greene's style, but there you go. Okay, after plugging in excerpts from a dozen of my stories, it looks like King is the winner a little over half the time.

Update on the computer woe situation: I've lost my emails from the middle of April to current and I realized that I had ripped about fifty CDs into my iTunes library but hadn't backed them up, so I'll be ripping those CDs all over again. But these are minor cavils! The printer is back online, The Bat! was downloaded and registered w/o a problem, and as soon as I defragment the computer, I'll be re-loading the back up files I made in mid-April. It's really not that bad, I haven't lost all that much. It's just... worky. Getting the file folders to do what I want and look right, making the desktop fonts the right size and colors, massaging the Word "normal" template into what I want it to be. I still have to download iTunes software and change the HP mouse over to my wireless mouse.

Thank god for Revo Uninstaller -- I've run a dozen software downloads and half of them like to sneak in their own toolbars or other crap add-ins that I don't want or need. AOL is very pushy, too, as it tries to remain au courant in a world that is no longer interested. Why it thinks changing my homepage without permission to the "free AOL" front page is going to intrigue me enough to use its services, I don't know. And if you hate, hate, hate Windows Search 4.0 as much as I do, an annoying search-your-desktop-and-files software that just came through in that last service pack, you can get rid of it easily using Revo.
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They put cute stuff on that last page of the AARP Bulletin -- here's a list of some of the outdated expressions that most people (not just the elderly) use today. Some of them date from out grandparents' and great-grandparents' time! From a list compiled by Betsy Towner; she got her phrases from www.phrases.org.uk:

1. Asleep at the switch -- old railroad term; today automated switches do the job as opposed to a bored railroad worker.

2. Close, but no cigar -- a reference to a fairground booth prize; it's been illegal to give out tobacco (or booze) as a prize for a long time.

3. Full steam ahead! -- refers to the steam engine on a steamboat.

4. Catch you on the flip side -- refers to 45s and LPs. Also "sounds like a broken record." Couldn't we sound like a broken CD or MP3?

5. Telegraph your punches -- how would we update this? "Email your punches"?

6. I've got an E ticket! -- Disneyland stopped using these, their most expensive and exclusive coupons, in 1982 (they started issuing them in the 50s.)

7. A Rube Goldberg machine -- I've been hearing this expression a lot on the news recently re: the BP catastrophe; OkGo may have currently re-popularized it. Rube Goldberg drew his wacky cartoons starting in 1915 and, in 1931, the Merriam–Webster dictionary adopted the word "Rube Goldberg", defined as "accomplishing something simple through complex means." (Thanks Wikipedia!)

8. The kid looks like the milkman -- "Daddy, what's a 'milkman'?" "Ask your mother!"

9. Put through the wringer -- before the washer and dryer, we had the wash tub, washboard, and the wringer: two cylinders with a crank that the worn-down lady of the house would use to squeeze water out of the family's just-washed clothing... and they did it every single week on "Wash Day." Funny how women were considered weak, frail little things right up until the moment they were called upon to do gargantuan, physically onerous tasks!

10. Dial her up -- the telephone has buttons now, but we still use this expression. Even on Stargate, where people "dial the gate" by pushing buttons (okay, SG-1's gate does the spinny-thing, but Pegasus galaxy gates do not.) Other outdated phone expressions include "drop a dime" (yeah, try just finding a payphone first, then see how much it costs to call someone) and "off the hook".

Bonus phrase: "Carbon copy" or "CC" on a letter or email. How long has it been since anyone's used carbon paper? I remember finding a few boxes of the nasty stuff in my grandparents' basement when we cleared out their house for sale many years ago.

I wonder which of today's catch phrases will still be in use a hundred years from now!
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From [personal profile] cesare, via [personal profile] seperis, originated by [personal profile] helens78:

Bold any reasons that apply to you, strike out any that don't (if you feel like it), and add three reasons of your own to the bottom.


1. To explore themes that I don't get to see in mass media using characters I love.
2. Because it's fun.
3. Because mass media does a crappy job of representing my race* and sexual orientation. *In my Caucasian case, for 'my race' substitute diversity.
4. Because I can get more people aboard my ship writing a story than a manifesto.
5. Because TV science-fiction doesn't explore its science-fiction premises in enough depth.
6. Because it's a gift I can give a stranger and know they will enjoy it.
7. Because I resonate emotionally with the characters what I read and watch, and want to find out why by writing about it.
8. Because every tale is a universe, often with fascinating nooks and crannies that the original author never explored.
9. Because I've made some of my best and dearest friends through this very wacky hobby.
10. Because the world the creator made is vast, and I want to see more of it.
11. Because writing as a communal experience is amazing.
12. Because I can.
13. Because I get so much enjoyment from reading fan fiction that I want to contribute to the community by providing enjoyment for other fans.
14. When I become interested in particular actors and/or characters, sometimes I want to explore them in different contexts than their canons would ever allow.
15. I enjoy writing but I feel ambivalent about trying to get published; writing fan fiction frees me by removing the pressure to sell from consideration.

16. Because of 'tribbers copies (I didn't have a lot of money so I contributed drawings and stories to zines I wanted free copies of.)
17. Because I had a talent for writing humor, even for not-very-humorous shows, and I loved it when people laughed.
18. Because I was once part of a fun fannish clique of talented women who encouraged me to write, talked story with me, and applauded what I wrote.
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Mugged from [personal profile] celli:

SIX NAMES YOU GO BY: (I'm going to assume this can be names I've gone by in the past)
1. Celeste
2. Teenygozer
3. "C" (a friend of mine calls me that.)
4. Chickie (my dad's nickname for me.)
5. Cousine Celeste (in the FK Wars.)
6. Cyn-leste (my mother accidentally calls me that, and she accidentally calls my sister "Cel-ynthia". You figure it out. My inability to remember names is genetic!)

1. A soft white cotton-linen tee from Eddie Bauer.
2. Ridiculously expensive glasses.
3. Surgical tape on my left foot to hold it together (I've been in a lot of pain the past week or so from an old wound.)

1. For my cats to goddamn LEAVE ME ALONE. They get very antsy the hour before dinner time.
2. A job.
3. For my left foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back to stop hurting.

1. I'm not really comfortable passing these things on!
2. Anyone who wants to do it, do it! ::waves "hi"::
3. From [personal profile] celli: "Someone wearing something incredibly inappropriate" Hee! and yes!

1. Worked on my "Alice in Wonderland" necklace, which is turning out to be awesomely-awesome because I found a tiny Victorian-looking bottle for the "Drink Me" bottle and vintage robin's egg blue beads. Cute!
2. Did research for a "Wizard of Oz" necklace... I wish there were a wee witch's hourglass charm out there, but there's not! I'm thinking tiny red pressed-glass flower-shaped beads with black bead centers for poppies and emerald-green beads to represent the Emerald City.
3. Applied for a job online.

1. ComicbookMan
2. My mom
3. Mary, ComicbookMan's cousin

1. Work on finding a job, per usual.
2. Make the finest spaghetti sauce in the land.
3. Take many motrin pills.

1. Coffee. I pronounce it "Mmmmmmmm, caaaaw-feeeeeee."
2. A chilled glass of dry red wine.
3. Iced "CocoPure", which is a powdered mix of cocoa, green tea extract, and resveratrol. I like to put cinnamon in it when I drink it hot. It's supposed to be really good for you, but tastes decadently bad for you.

I'm kind of in too much pain to smile a lot. STUPID FOOT.

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