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Hey all! Didya miss me, like, at all? I been busy, and tired, and busy, and did I mention I've been exhausted?

So, one of the many things I've got on my plate these days is that I've taken over website maintenance for our store's website, lucky me. Our friend, Joe, who used to do this job (he was happy to hand it over to me) just emailed, saying that he tried to check it at work, just to see how I was doing, but he can't get to it. It's there, it just won't download for him on the screen, or something like that:

"I can resolve the IP address, meaning that the server is there, but the website is unreachable."

I checked and found a perfectly fine website, and that's on a computer that's a mile away from the computer I used to put new product up on the website all day yesterday.

Could you guys check the site and let me know if there's a problem, OR that you can see it fine. No sound, but image-heavy. LOTS OF NEAT STUFF, but yeah, it takes a moment to fill in all those pictures.


I'm hoping it's just being blocked by his work computer (not sure Joe ever used his computer at work to look at the site before!)
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Carpe Geekdom (a.k.a. The All-Purpose Nerd Tour) will appear at Legends of Superheros on Saturday, August 7th from 8PM to 10PM!!! Woot!

Carpe Geekdom is the 2010 summer tour of Nagini, Fred and George the Band, Snidget, and Muggle Mike! Special appearance by wrock artists Bella and le Strangers!

Grace the Snidget is a solo hammered-dulcimer player and budding ukuleleist from Virginia, the rest are solo guitarists from New York, and they all write and perform original acoustic music (as well as some awesome covers) about everything from D&D and Doctor Who to robots and imaginary friends. As members of the wizard rock community, Carpe Geekdom has traveled the East Coast singing songs about Harry Potter. They are pleased to bring their nerdy tunes to Legends of Superheros on Saturday, August 7th, 8PM to 10PM!

This appearance only: local wrock artists Bella and le Strangers will join Carpe Geekdom! They write and play music from the perspective of Bellatrix Lestrange, whom they feel is the coolest character in the Harry Potter universe.

This is a free concert, but a $5.00 donation per attendee is appreciated to help cover touring costs. If you don't live in or near Connecticut, click through and see if Carpe Geekdom is appearing in a city near you!

Please note, there are two fab restaurants flanking our store -- one an award-winning pizza/Italian food restaurant, the other is a brand-new pan-Asian restaurant, with great sushi and an ice cream bar for dessert. Come have dinner, then stroll the six or eight feet over to our store for the entertainment.

They don't call it "filk", but I'm a long-time fan girl and that's what I call it. These kids today with their Wizard Rock and their My Space pages!

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