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Yes, it's my b-day. No biggie. We celebrated it on Monday, I had leftover chocolate cake for breakfast yesterday and today! Don't judge, it had eggs and flour and milk in it, they're good for you!*

Thank you, [personal profile] lavvyan for the healthy and delicious fruit plate on my user profile page -- that was so nice of you! I'm so amused LJ offers fruit plates for gift-giving! It really is perfect for me, with my healthfood-loving ways.

We took Giaus to the vet for the first time yesterday -- first time for us, he'd been to a vet in New Jersey in November 2009, just before he was gifted to us for Christmas 2009. Our vet declared him a "good kitty" and gave him an envelope of catnip for being such a well-mannered patient. ComicbookMan and I were pretty sure Giaus was going to be insane at the vet -- he hates being picked up and fights it tooth and nail, giving us the idea that he would react badly to being held down on a table. Fortunately, he was the opposite of insane, he was perfect. He even let the vet clean his teeth a bit.

Speaking of the giving of kitties as gifts, I give you "How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas."

If only it were that easy.

*Thank you, Bill Cosby, for the "Dad is great, give us the choklit cake!" skit.

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