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Before I get into Operation: Head Pigeons, I just wanted to share the info that John Sheppard's "Who, me, Messiah?" silver cross necklace from the Vegas episode that he wears once he decides to stop being all self-involved and go after the Wraith in the desert--shout out to the wardrobe people who were paying attention to the script!--went for $2,376.00. I love me some crazy SGA fans who bid that up! You guys are helping to pull MGM out of the hole their idiot top management got them into. At least, I assume that's what the money's being used for, as opposed to up someone's nose or into someone's Swiss bank account. (Why yes, I *am* the Daria of LJ. So there.)


If you love Invader Zim, and really, how could you not, may I suggest you purchase this DVD:

Invader Zim: Operation Doom

One Amazon reviewer wrote:

Last March, Nickelodeon almost brought back Invader ZIM, but didn't because there wasn't enough "demand". During the fall and winter of 2010, a group called Operation Head Pigeons started raiding Nickelodeon's phone lines with requests for more Zim. This DVD is the compromise between the two parties. If this DVD sells well, Nick will consider greenlighting a third season of Invader ZIM. That's why it is so important that you buy this DVD.

I don't know if "important" is the word I'd use, but it is a wonderfully evil, twisted cartoon of the sort that the kiddies love, but so do the adults, and it deserves a third season. This looks to be a collection of the best episodes of the show. I already have the Invader Zim special "House" collectors edition (both seasons of Zim, the two DVDs come packed in a box that looks like Zim's headquarters on Earth), but I'm still ordering this DVD.

I just noticed that the subtitles on DOOM DOOM DOOM, the DVDs of the first season of the show, are Finnish. PROGRESSIVE STUPIDITY, the second season set, isn't subtitled, but comes with a Spanish voice track in addition to the English one. Spanish dubbing is very common, but I wonder how come the Finnish subtitles on season one? Is the show particularly popular in Finland? Not to insult the Finnish people, it's just that I don't think I've ever seen anything subtitled in their language before! (The country's official languages are Finnish (92%) and Swedish (5.5%)--thank you, Wikipedia!)
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Another little holiday gift for my flist!

I already adored Jonathan Coulton's "Shop Vac", but this video takes the song to a whole new level. This is why we're all so happy Mr. Coulton releases his work on a Creative Commons license, so that other creative types can use it to do stuff like this:

The word "clever" doesn't begin to describe it. That's 500 to 1,000 hours of work, and it looks effortless.
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A new kiddie television channel called "The Hub" has popped up on our menu courtesy of Verizon Fios and, for once, it's a channel I'm actually interested in watching. I'm happy to say that it's already giving Nickelodeon's cartoon channel, Niktoons, and Cartoon Network a run for their money. For one thing, The Hub is running one of my all-time favorite animated series, Men in Black. MiB has the bestest, coolest opening sequence ever:

I feel more dangerous just for having watched that, even if it was a bit fuzzy.

I haven't read MiB comics yet, but apparently the animated TV series is a lot closer to the look and feel of the concept source than the movies were. The comic was a run of six issues; three by Aircel, three by Malibu, which was then bought out by Marvel. Marvel ran a few one-shots based directly off of the movie that were not part of the original run of the comic; the characters were drawn to look like Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

I've read that MiB comics are quite hard-core in terms of violence; the code of the Men in Black is "by any means necessary" when protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. The characters on the TV show ostensibly have the same code, but, per the usual kid-show morals, nobody ever really gets hurt, and of course nobody gets killed. In fact, the movie introduced a flashing device that wipes a citizen-who's-seen-too-much's memory, and the animated series went with that -- way less ordinary-citizen's blood spilled.

The TV series picks up where the first movie (not sure about that second movie) left off -- they even reference the first movie on the animated show by saying that it was funded to mislead the public. (Kinda like how Wormhole Extreme misleads the public about the Stargate project.)

The show was part of the much-missed "Kid's WB" line up. Great adverts.

Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe! Bring the scooper!

Man, I really miss Kid's WB!

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