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From The ESET Threat Blog: http://blog.eset.com/2011/03/11/japanese-earthquake-inevitable-seo

FYI, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Right now, people all over the planet are doing Google searches for terms like "Japan", "Japanese", "earthquake", and tsunami". The bad guys know it, and they're plugging those words into their sites, the better to infect you with malware, spam, and pop ups that just won't quit when you do a search-and-click. They're also sending out emails with links and creating phony charities to separate the well-meaning from their hard-earned cash.

1-DO NOT click on social media and email “shocking news” or “shocking video” links. Apparently the use of the word "shocking" as a come-on is kind of a dead giveaway.

2-DO NOT go to untrusted websites for news. Could be a black-hat website waiting to infect your computer with malware.

3-And in the coming weeks, when things start settling down, DO NOT send money to unverified charities and fundraisers. Even the not-totally-criminal, "legit" ones will cheerfully take 90% and only give 10% (or even less!) to the actual charity.

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