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The evil bastards known as propworx2 on eBay are at it again, selling off our hopes and dreams, aka "Stargate crap". Wouldn't have found out about this latest sell-off except that David Hewlett bitched about them auctioning off his chair back on Twitter, as he'd wanted to take the chair with him when he left the show. AND THEY WOULD NOT LET HIM. ::shakes head sadly::

So here is the thing, they're auctioning off a simple, blocky silver cross on a silver chain that is supposedly Vegas-AU-John's necklace. I can't seem to find any pix with the character wearing this necklace and the DVDs are in storage, so I can't pull those out to check the episode! Soes anybody remember this necklace? It's already going for over $200.00:


If the link doesn't take you there, try doing a search for Stargate Atlantis Sheppard Hero Vegas Necklace on eBay, but be warned, it'll be gone if you look for it four days from now!

In retrospect, I'm surprised all John got was a "Kirk" accusation or two from Rodney. I would have expected a few "Buffy"s as well, considering his propensity for offing space-vampires. And wearing silver crosses around his neck, at least in the AU. Woulda been cool if one of the biologists had discovered that Wraith could be poisoned by garlic. All they'd have had to do was open a few pizza parlors around Pegasus, and everyone would have been saved!
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