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I have achieved my first work on Archive of Our Own, Ten Tiny Tales (SGA):


It wasn't at all hard to post there, but I did have to make liberal use of the preview button to tweak it over & over. As soon as I'm allowed to by the rules of [community profile] sga_flashfic, Ten Tiny Tales Redux will follow. I'm also working on the next and last in my trilogy of SGA character-study ficlets, Ten Tiny Tales the Third (must figure out a better title.)

I hope to eventually get all of my B7 stuff on there, first time on the internet for those! I've decided to re-edit them into modern-day readability before posting rather than honoring the tropes of yesteryear. No more "the Delta thief", "the curly-haired pilot", "the blonde pilot", or "the curly-haired rebel", over and over. HEY, I know it sounds awful but I swear, it was very common and completely accepted to use fannishly-set descriptive epithets like that for characters back then!

*Surely I cannot be the only fan who always thinks of a wolf howling when I see AOOO? A very small, cartoon wolf!

Date: 2011-01-06 07:50 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I've never been really bad with the epithets, but I have spotted a few "the other man" and "the blond" type ones in my older fics and gotten rid of them when I reuploaded to AO3 and my new website. I've also toned down some stuff in general that felt a little too purple or over the top.

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