Jan. 22nd, 2011

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I have it on good authority ([personal profile] lucitania) that today is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day! You're supposed to gaze into your cat's furry face and discern the question therein, and answer it.

Personally, my experience has been that most of them want to know, "WHERE ARE THE CRUNCHIES?", the answer they expect being, "IN YOUR BOWL, SIR OR MA'AM!" Usually my answer is more along the lines of: "Will you for cripe's sake leave me the hell alone? It's almost suppertime and you'll spoil your dinner."

I just gazed into Scully's patient face and heard her asking, "Why are you so silly?" The answer is, "To amuse you, of course." Then I bumped foreheads with her.

What I got from gazing into Gaius' face was, "JEEZ, WTF DID I DO NOW? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?!" A year in, and he's still a little jumpy. The answer is, "Calm down, you didn't do anything wrong. Idiot." I tried to kiss him on the forehead but he shied away.

I had to crawl part-way under a table to stare into Vala's face, and her round-eyed question was, "What the hell are you doing under this table?" The answer is, "I'm very suggestible, apparently."

Wee Zack is left, but he's outside. When he comes in, he's going to be jazzed up and fluffed out from being outside in the cold and the question he'll want answered is the previously-mentioned "Where ma cruncheez at?" question. I shall give him a few tablespoons, and he'll be happy with the answer.

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