Jan. 20th, 2011

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I put my second Stargate story up on AOOO...


...soon to be joined by a third set of Tiny Tales, for a total of 31 ficlets in all. Sooo clooose to finishing! But I have to come up with two more tales! I want to write a ficlet about Daniel Jackson's parents and grandfather and how their being idiots who shouldn't have been trusted with raising a child helped form his character (oh, come on! this is not a reach! Daniel is totally screwed up in delightful ways!), but it's not coming.

Ooh, while I was typing that, I suddenly had an idea to write it from Vala's perspective. She's a fresh viewpoint, with luck, that should yield results.

Not to change the subject, but I used to think the funniest thing that could come out of the Stargate program going public would be John Sheppard giving an interview to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but no longer! Much funnier would be John Sheppard being interviewed by Craig Ferguson. I could see poor John being a bit flummoxed about Goeff, the robotic foul-mouthed skeleton who acts as Craig's Ed McMahon. I can see John sort of waving his hand over his head, trying to find the words to ask Dude, I get the suit and the glowing eyes, but what's with the metal mohawk?, prompting Craig into doing five minutes on John's cowlicks. Thanks to Tivo, I've gotten addicted to The Late, Late Show since watching the Matt Smith episode. The show is just so freakishly odd. I've never seen a talk show quite like it, not even on the outer-reaches of cable, and it's on CBS.

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